Join the growing team at Altavon Security.

Altavon Security is always looking for new talent. From security managers, to supervisors to guards,
we are Toronto security experts who are constantly learning, innovating and evolving within the field.

Who we hire

You’re a good fit for Altavon if you are passionate about the safety and security of both people
and places. You acknowledge the fact that every situation is unique and calls for its own security
plan. You enjoy working hard and going above and beyond for your clients. You believe in lifelong
training to continuously improve your abilities and expand your knowledge.

Whether you are new to the world of security or a seasoned security guard in Toronto looking for a
workplace to call home, we welcome people of all ages and skill levels.

Altavon is thrilled to be part of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Transition Program, in which we help
those who have been discharged from the military by hiring them for meaningful work in a related field.

Industry-leading training

When you join the Altavon team, you are taken through our comprehensive training and testing platform.

Pre-employment, it is required that you pass ASAT® (Altavon Security Aptitude Test). This test
evaluates you on a wide range of topics within the security industry including mathematics,
report writing, security scenario quizzing, current laws that impact the sector, and
occupation-specific questions.

Once you are officially hired, you have 90 days to obtain your StayFit® certificate. This is
a test which focuses on the physical demands of the job. A pass demonstrates your physical
aptitude and ability to perform security related duties without posing a risk. Currently,
we are the only security company in Canada that offers a physical skills test.


Current Job Opportunities

We are looking for people to fill the following positions in our company:

  • Business development manager
  • Condominium concierge
  • Full-time security guard
  • Part-time security guard
  • Event security guard
  • Mobile security guard / Supervisor

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