We’re more than a security
company, we’re an innovative
solutions provider.

Who We Are

Toronto security and technology solutions for high-rise residences, commercial businesses and special events.

Altavon Security Group is an innovative security provider based in Toronto. Licensed, insured and committed to excellence, we offer security guard and patrol services, full security systems and technology solutions, and best-in-class training for security guards and private investigators.

The Story Behind Our Inception

The Altavon team comes from diverse and wide-ranged backgrounds in a number of fields including security, policing, military and law. After working for other companies and organizations in a variety of industries, we realized our true passion lied in the field of security, and more specifically, we wanted to bring about positive change in the space.

Over time, this vision is what has led to our level of client care, honest and insightful consultations, data-driven recommendations, excellent service fulfillment, and in-depth training. Then and now, we focus on having a willingness to adapt to new challenges, build creative solutions, and ultimately, stand apart.

One-Of-A-Kind Selection Process

We believe the service we provide is only as good as the people who provide it. This is exactly why we have one of the most stringent and thorough selection processes in the industry.

Before a Toronto security guard is hired, they must pass our comprehensive security aptitude test, which addresses mathematics, report writing, security scenarios, current laws impacting the industry and a wide range of additional questions related to the occupation.

Altavon Security is the only security company in all of Canada to introduce a physical fitness test, required by every guard on our roster. A pass gives our Toronto security agency and our clients peace of mind knowing that the professionals working to keep places safe can handle the physical demands of the job.

Playing Our Part

Training doesn’t end once a hire is made. Quite the opposite. From upper management right through to frontline staff, everyone at Altavon Security undergoes continual and rigorous training measures. This ensures that day in and day out, we constantly raise the bar, do more for our clients, honour the industry and keep the general public of Toronto safe.

Almost military in structure on the back end, new Toronto security guard training programs are regularly developed and then enforced at every level in the company to confirm unanimous skill, knowledge and consistent service provided by all Altavon staff.

The Code Of Ethics We Abide By

Whether we are engaging with the general public, our own employees, colleagues, prospective or existing clients, Altavon Security follows a strict code of ethics. It dictates that we will always act with integrity, competence, diligence and respect. We also comply with:

  • Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005
  • WSIB Ontario
  • Safe Work

Giving Back

At Altavon, we feel a tremendous social and corporate responsibility to the communities we live and work in. Actively involved in a number of charitable and non-profit organizations, we seek to find initiatives that provide for the less fortunate.

Professional Associations

We’re committed to high standards in our business. Through our memberships with numerous associations including ASIS, ACMO, BOMA, CCI Toronto and Canadian Red Cross, we stay true to that commitment and continue to excel as time goes on, naturally improving our company’s standards over the years.

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