High-rise Commercial
and Business Security

Whether you’re a high-rise commercial building or a business in Toronto, Altavon knows how important security is to your operation.


Special Events

For the last two years consecutively, we have provided special event security to the City of Toronto’s Food Festival. 50, 5000 or 500,000 guests – Altavon Security is equipped to handle any-sized event with its own custom security plan.

Access control
Bomb threats
Active shooter prevention
Missing person plans
Crowd control (including public intoxication)

Construction and Industrial

From pre-construction single-family homes right through to large buildings, Altavon is there to ensure nothing goes awry during the most important part of the development process.

  • Security guards (day and night)
  • Monitoring of fire hazards and day-to-day function
  • Ensuring safety plans are enforced
  • Surveillance against suspicious activity, such as illegal
    dumping and theft
  • Guard tour system for excellent employee management

Retail Loss Prevention

We help Toronto retail outlets protect their inventory and maximize sales through loss prevention security measures.

  • Security guards at the front of the store
  • Access control
  • Monitoring shoppers
  • Identifying suspicious activity
  • Pinpointing counterfeit money
  • Detaining individuals who commit an offense
    before authorities arrive

Mobile Security And Parking Enforcement

This is applicable where security is required for large properties or even multiple properties.

  • Mobile security guards (highly trained, particularly in defensive driving techniques)
  • Parking enforcement (preventing illegal parking)
  • Assisting static security guards in case of emergency
  • Guard tour system for excellent employee management
  • Pinpointing counterfeit money
  • Responding to alarms on the property